1.2 GW Solar Tender in Saudi Arabia divided into Four Projects across the Country

Saudi Arabia has issued a solar tender with a capacity of 1.2 GW which will be divided into four projects. Project capacities vary between 80 MW, 120 MW, 300 MW and a 700 MW. These four projects will be developed in two “Category A” plants with Layla (80MW) and Wadi Al Dawaser (120MW). The other 1 GW projects will be developed in two “Category B” Saad (300MW)  and Ar Rass (700MW) plants.

The bidders of this solar tender include some of the biggest names in the solar industry. Companies like Total Solar from France, Canadian Solar from China, Kepco from South Korea, Marubeni from Japan, and also ACWA Power from Saudi Arabia. In the list of the bidders, there were also other companies from   UAE, Germany, Spain, and etc.

These installations are part three of projects where part one was a 300 MW solar plant and part two was also a solar tender. This solar tender has a capacity of 1.5 GW and it attracted a total of 250 bidders that later was reduced to 60 which 28 were located in Saudi Arabia.

These three-part projects are issued by The Renewable Energy Project Development Office (REPDO) of Saudi Arabia. According to some consultants, Saudi Arabia is aiming to install 1.5 GW PV each year by 2024 as a solar “Growth Engine”.

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