10 Actions of EU for A Lower Carbon Future

Since 2007, Europe has taken a strategic approach to speed up the energy transition, by focusing on innovation and identified priorities that have been set by Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan)[1].

The EU countries have been moving towards strategic/main three 2020 targets (cut greenhouse gases, use renewable energies, improve energy efficiency) with implementing SET 10 actions Plan to make future with lower-carbon. These actions are the following:

1- Sustain technological leadership by developing highly performant renewable technologies and their integration in the EU’s energy system.

2- Reduce the cost of key technologies.

3- Create technologies and services for smart homes that provide smart solutions to energy consumers.

4- Increase the resilience, security, and smartness of the energy system

5- Develop new materials and technologies for, and the market uptake of, energy efficiency solutions for buildings

6- Continue efforts to make EU industry less energy intensive and more competitive

7- Become competitive in the global battery sector to drive e-mobility forward

8- Strengthen market take-up of renewable fuels needed for sustainable transport solutions

9- Step up research and innovation activities on the application of carbon capture and storage (CCS) and the commercial viability of carbon capture and use (CCU).

10- Maintaining a high level of safety of nuclear reactors and associated fuel cycles during operation and decommissioning, while improving their efficiency [2].

Until September 2017, three plans which have included these actions are the first, concentrated solar power/solar thermal electricity, the second is carbon capture utilization and storage, and the third is energy efficiency in industry. Most of these actions and plans are along with several tasks of International Energy Agency (IEA). For instance, the first plan of EU countries is exactly coherent with the task number 55 of IEA[3].

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