200kW floating solar project lives above one of the Philippines’ largest reservoirs

200kW floating solar project lives above one of the Philippines' largest reservoirs

Norwegian floating solar technology provider Ocean Sun partnered with Chinese solar manufacturer GCL-SI in June to build the floating solar system in the 1,170-hectare Magat reservoir, found 220 miles north of capital Manila on the island of Luzon. It is the Philippines-based renewable energy group SN Aboitiz Power-Magat’s (SNAP) first non-hydro project.
According to PV-Tech, Philippines Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi has been a proponent of floating solar, a new technology popular in countries where land is in high demand. In an inauguration event for the pilot project on June 27, the politician highlighted solar’s potential meet the country’s energy needs while pointing to solar fields’ prohibitive effect on agricultural land use. Two hundred and fifty miles south of Magat, a solar testbed is under construction in Laguna Lake, Southeast Asia’s third-largest lake. Philippines renewable energy developer SunAsia Energy completed the first segment of this 20.5kW floating PV testbed in March. It also hopes to demonstrate how the floating technology, combined with a screw piling method, can withstand typhoons.
‘All rights to go to the author of the news & image as mentioned above’

‘All rights go to the author of the news and image mentioned above’

Location: Laguna Lake

Date: Jul 17, 2019 @ 16:30

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