5 Top Europe Solar Market According To Solar Installed Capacity In 2019

During the past year, Europe nations surged to install more solar PV compared to the previous year. As we mentioned in our recent post, this increase was more than 100% and nearly they doubled the added capacity, 16.7 GW, compared to 2018, 8.2 GW. Now, the total capacity of the Europe continent reached 131.9 GW. In this post, we would like to introduce the 5 top countries which had the highest added capacity in 2019.

As a surprising point, thanks to two huge auctions held in 2017 and ended its deadline at the end of 2019, Spain outstripped all its old competitors in adding solar capacity and sat in the first tier of European nations this year. During 2019, Spain added 28.1% of the total enhanced capacity. After that, followed by Germany, as a major rival for getting the first stand, increased about 4 GW to its previous capacity. Germany has been one of the pioneers of the solar industry in the EU and Europe market since 2008.  The Netherlands as the 3rd rank added an estimated 2.5 GW. it is up to 66% from 1.5 GW installed in 2018 when it exceeded the GW-level for the first time.

According to Solar Power EU, the biggest market segment in the country in 2019 was again the rooftop solar market, with around 40% in the commercial and industry (C&I) segment and an equal share in the residential segment. It is on the contrary with common sense who believe that floating solar power plant is the major segment in its market. France ranked fourth again with 1068 MW enhancement. As the last and newly emerged market, Poland about four times more than the previous year by adding 784 MW this year.


Source of Information:@SolarPowerEU & @Solar_Edition



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