“500+ PV Module Producer Club” new members, LONGi, Jinko, Risen Energy & JA after Trina

JA Solar joined the 500+ PV Module Producer Club with unveiling its most-powerful PV module series, DeepBlue 3.0. The panel can rightfully be called a flagship model, as it is a product that gathers a number of key technologies to provide power outputs of over 525Wp. Previous members of this club were Trina Solar with Vertex model, Jinko Solar with Tiger Pro, Risen Energy with RSM 100-6-500M model, and LONGi Solar with Hi-MO 5 model.

JA Solar’s DeepBlue Model integrated some key technologies including 11 bus bars, half-cut cells, and large wager size, 180mm ✖ 180 mm, to achieve the product with output power more than 500 W. it is noted that this product is a 72 cells solar panel, 6✖12.



Photo: @Solar_Edition


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