A Revolutionary Eco-building, Sunimplant, Utilizes Solar Energy for Total Independence

Students of the Morocco National School of Applied Sciences incorporation with experts from the National School of Architecture have designed an ecological detached house which is called Sunimplant. Sunimplant is a groundbreaking eco-building that was combined with hemp and solar panels as construction materials. It is designed to be totally independent of the electricity grid, being self-sufficient. This is the first of a kind in Morocco.

However, the building was designed to show how rural areas could be revived and developed. In addition, this design could also be utilized in urban applications.

The eco-building covers 90 square meters and has a double skin facade using a mixture of hemp, earth, pozzolana, and lime, all locally sourced materials. The facade also uses biocomposites incorporating technical hemp fibers that have been produced by vacuum injection technology. The structure also has a spherical and aerodynamic outer skin composed of 24 semi-flexible photovoltaic panels, according to Afrika21. Sunimplant can produce a capacity of 55 MW per year. It is worth mentioning that the building is located in the Ben Guerir region.


Source:@sun_im_plant, @ afrik21 & @Solar_Edition

Photo:@ afrik21 & @Solar_Edition


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