A strategy for the possible First EU-wide tender for offshore sustainable energy

Wind power is the most used way of sustainable energy production in the offshores. But a Renewable Energy Strategy unveiled by the European Commission shows potential funding spots that could support ocean-based solar development.

According to the paper, they want to increase the capacity of today’s 12 GW of European offshore wind generation capacity to 300 GW by mid-century. 

This plan also includes other offshore renewables in its €800 billion budget. It will add 1 GW of other offshore renewables by 2030 and another 40 GW by the year 2050. Although ocean-based PV are present in smaller proportions right now, 17 kW of pilot projects, its usage on inland bodies of water its technology is more advanced than of its rivals.

This strategy, which will be taken into consideration by the European Parliament and Council of Ministers, has mentioned funding plans as well, including €673 billion Recovery and Resilience funding which is the central plank of the bloc’s Next Generation EU, Covid-19 recovery plan.

Due to this strategy, the first EU-wide tender for projects may be held as soon as next year.

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