ACER & future market for private power plants in Norway

Energy Transport & Conversion
Latest political agreements between EU and Norway, ACER agreement, has made Solar power in Norway a crucial sustainable choice for future of companies with high energy demand. Solar becomes cheaper, more effective and would be private owned, which can ensure already expansive Norwegian large industries about their competitiveness in the world market. In this way, the worry about possible side-effects of ACER agreement could fade away [1] [2] [3].
Solar does not have complication which wind farms face with in Norway and their potentials combined with big battery storage systems, could be a big cost saving card. Large industries could invest on their private power plants which provides high availability and independency. The ACER cooperation project with EU has raised concerns regarding the future of electricity prices in Norway and was finally voted for in the parliament, despite all the serious concerns among people, industries and unions [1] [2].
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