After Trina and LONGi Solar, It Is Turn to Jinko Solar to Unveil its Most Powerful Solar Module, 580 W

After Trina Solar unveiling its Vertex most powerful solar panel at the beginning of this year, other PV manufacturing leaders introduced their most powerful solar modules one by one. As a new product in this category, Jinko Solar’s Tiger pro model was introduced as the latest released product with up to 500 W output power in the last week. 

The Tiger pro model will be produced under Jinko Solar’s Tiger line of production. Tiger pro features 9 busbars, 2% attenuation power rate for the first year, 21.6% efficiency, tiling ribbon, and 580 watt output power. 9 busbars help to decrease power loss effectively and the tiling ribbon eliminates the cell gaps to increase the module’s efficiency significantly. Mass production of Tiger pro is scheduled to begin in Q3/2020.

It is worth to mention that before Jinko Solar, Risen Energy with RSM 100-6-500M model and LONGi Solar with Hi-MO 5 model had entered into this category.

As we previously mentioned, No.918, reaching up to 500 W output power has become one of the trends of the solar industry as well as using larger wafer sizes in PV manufacturing.  



Photo:@ greentechlead & @Solar_Edition


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