Agrivoltaics 2020 is the first agriculture plus photovoltaics conference in the world

Many people think that solar power has become a threat to farming communities due to land usage. That’s because they believe farmers must choose between raising crops or livestock and installing solar panels on their land. What if you could mix the 2 world??? The Fraunhofer ISE has been conducting experiments in what it calls “agrivoltaics” or “agrophotovoltaics” (APV) for two years near Lake Constance, Germany. After two years, the results show that the combination of farming and solar power is 186% more efficient in the summer of 2018 compared to the previous summer.

According to Fraunhofer ISE, the AgriVoltaics 2020 will address different aspects of the technology, from research to applications. Specialists in the areas of plant science and agronomy, hydrology, solar energy as well as research on systemic issues or socio-economic studies will attend. The conference program offers presentations, chosen from a reviewing process, and invited high-level keynote talks. Supplementing the program is an exhibition, a conference dinner and a technical tour to installations, from test facilities to best practice.

The conference will take place from August 26-28, 2020 in Perpignan, France. Online registration will start on 15th May of 2020.

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Source:@FraunhoferISE & @Solar_Edition
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