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Solar Water Heating (SWH) is all about converting the “Sun Power” into “Heat” for water heating purposes, this is done using a solar thermal collector. SWHs are mostly used in “residential” areas and some industrial applications. The SWHs could be stand-alone or hybrid together with other solutions such as electricity or gas. As of 2017, global solar hot water capacity reached 472 GWth.

How does this technology work?

When facing the sun, the collector heats a “working fluid” which goes to a “storage system” for later use. SWHs are of 2 types. 

  • Active – a pump is used for circulation
  • Passive – Natural Convection-Driven

They could use only water (mild areas), a mix of both water and a “non-freezing working fluid” or only the “non-freezing working fluid”. These mediums are warmed directly or with help of “light-concentrating mirrors”. 

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Written by Raphael Osoro.


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