Arizona Utility Plans to Provide 70% of its Power to Customers from Renewables by 2035

Arizona Utility, Tucson Electric Power (TEP), has set out plans to provide 70% of its power from solar and wind power by 2035, which is supported with energy storage capacity. The Plans include 2.5GW of new solar and wind over the next 15 years and 1.4GW of energy storage capacity. Solar power with a little over 1.7 GW and wind power 846 MW are in the total planned renewable capacity.

It is also worth mentioning that TEP aims to phase out the majority of its coal power stations. Thanks to the availability of increasingly low-cost renewable energy and storage systems and due to environmental concerns, the company’s target plan is to retire all its coal generation fleet and reduce carbon emissions across its portfolio by 80% by 2035.

These actions are in line with TEP’s integrated resource plan (IRP) that filed with the state regulator.


Source: @Solar_Edition

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