As Planned, Facebook will go “100% Renewable” Energy Until 2020

As Planned, Facebook will go “100% Renewable” Energy Until 2020

New contract between Facebook, Rocky Mountain Power & First Solar would ensure 100% renewable energy to Facebook Utah Data Center. First Solar, one of the most famous solar panel manufacturers & provider of utility-scale PV power plants in the world in partnership Rocky Mountain Power, a 100 years old Utility Power provider is taking this challenge in Utah. “This project is an important part of our commitment to support all of our data centers and offices with 100 percent renewable energy in 2020,” said Paul Clements, Director of Energy and Infrastructure at Facebook. “Our data centers are among the most water- and energy-efficient facilities in the world. Working with First Solar and Rocky Mountain Power allows us to ensure that our data center will be supported by new renewable energy resources – like this solar power plant – in the same electrical grid as our data center.” “Rocky Mountain Power continues to develop creative ways to help individual customers such as Facebook meet their sustainability goals while keeping rates low and reliability high for all of our customers. Combining First Solar’s project development and technology expertise with over 100 years of Rocky Mountain Power’s utility experience, allows us to create value for Facebook by enabling its commitment to support its operations with 100 percent renewable energy,” said Gary Hoogeveen, President and CEO of Rocky Mountain Power.
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