Berlin to Unveil its First Integrated & Smart-City Quarter in a Size of 7.6 km2

The first smart-city quarter in Berlin unveiled. This smart city includes 90 apartments and 10 commercial units spanning an area of more than 7.6 square kilometers. The project which was completed in the spring aims at decentralizing energy management.

In this quarter, an efficient energy management system combines a range of intelligent energy solutions, including PV systems, storage tanks, and air-to-water heat pumps, according to PV-Magazine. Air-to-water heat pumps absorb heat from the outside air and transfer the heat to water. It is worth mentioning that these heat pumps are powered up by solar power.

Some of the features of this system are saving additional CO2 emissions, maintenance costs would be decreased due to the possibility of remote maintenance, and improvement in energy use of up to 15%.

It is also noted that some of the key components for the project are supplied by Panasonic.


Source:@ PV-Magazine & @Solar_Edition

Photo: @ PV-Magazine & @Solar_Edition


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