Big Green Egg Europe, a BIPV example

Big Green Egg Europe

According to inhabitat news, Dutch firm Team Paul de Vroom + Sputnik has just completed work on a beautiful, light-filled office in the Netherlands. Built around an open-air patio, the Big Green Egg’s new European office is designed to foster an inspiring work environment. Additionally inspiring, however, is the building’s sustainable profile, which includes solar panels that make the building 100 percent self-sufficient, a gray water collection system, natural building materials, and a large green roof.

The architects worked closely with the Big Green Egg Europe team to create an office environment that was vibrant and healthy. The volume of the building is quite humble, a square, two-story volume clad in brick. However, the combination of natural building materials such as stone and wood offer a strong connection to the environment. Massive glazed facades flood the interior with natural light. ——————–***——————–
‘All rights to go to the author of the news & image as mentioned above’
‘All rights go to the author of the news and image mentioned above’

Location: Netherlands

Date: Jan 26, 2019 @ 16:44

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