Breaking Down The Added Renewable Energy Capacity in the World in 2019

The annual added renewable energy capacity in 2019 reached 176 GW. Solar photovoltaic (Solar PV) by far was the leading technology which has allocated more than half of the capacity. Solar PV accounted for 97 GW of the total added capacity.

After that, wind power including on- and offshore consisted of 54 GW and 5 GW respectively. This means that wind power accounted for 33.5% of the total capacity. Then, bioenergy made up to 6 GW or 3.4% of the capacity.

It is worth mentioning that the cumulative renewable power generation has doubled in the last decade. The cumulative renewable capacity was 1226 GW in 2010 and it reached 2537 GW in 2019, post No.889.

It is believed that the main reason for this global trend towards renewable power generation is its continuous cost decline. This decline in the cost happened in the last decade which seems to continue in the next decade.


Source:@irenaimages & @Solar_Edition



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