Canadian Solar Stood on top of the ranking of “500+ PV Module Producer” Club with the recent 590 W panel

Canadian Solar released two series of products with over 500 output power. With these series, the company entered into the “500+ PV module producer” club. HiKu5 and BiHiKu5 from series 5 and HiKu6 and BiHiKu6 from series 6 are recently expanding the company’s products. It is interesting to express by unveiling HiKu6 with 590 W output power, Canadian Solar outstripped JinkoSolar’s TigerPro module with up to 580 W. Therefore, it stood in the first rank of the club. 

HiKu6 and BiHiKu6 are monofacial and bifacial modules from series 6, respectively. They feature M10 wafers which have recently proposed as the new industry standard for wafer size. However, series 5 of Canadian Solar produced with M6 wafers. M6 and M10 wafers have 166mm and 182mm side lengths.

Canadian Solar has claimed these HiKu6 modules generate up to 2.7% higher energy yield over the module lifetime, reduce the balance of system (BOS) cost by up to 5.6% and reduce the LCOE by up to 4.5% for large scale installations, according to TaiyangNews. It is important to note that HiKu6 will be produced by 21.3% efficiency.



Photo: @Solar_Edition


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