Completely Off-grid and recyclable UFO-shaped Hotel, Anthenea is Powered by Solar

Anthenea is an off-grid, eco-friendly floating hotel that is fully powered by solar energy. There are 5 solar panels on its dome roof that are responsible for supplying the entire power, making Anthenea a self-sufficient floating hotel or a tiny green house of sorts, which leaves no footprint on the environment.

Anthenea is designed to cater a new kind of tourism that addresses many current environmental challenges like, rising sea levels, effects of climate change, overdensity of the seaboard, and places congested by tourism.  In other words, promotes a new style of sustainable living.

It is worth mentioning that its spherical shape is the optimal form of resistance to extreme conditions on the water, and is also 100% recyclable.

In this solar-powered tiny hotel, you will find 3 different interior living spaces, along with an upper deck solarium with a removable windshield that can house up to 12 people. The lowest level features glass and polished concrete surfaces, the former offering a 360-degree panoramic underwater view, and a kitchenette. There’s also a bedroom outfitted, to fit the circular theme, an XL round bed, and round overflow bathtub. You can have the tub filled with either fresh or seawater, According to ‚ÄúDude I Want That‚ÄĚ.

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Photo: @Solar_Edition
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