Corona Effect on India’s Solar Market in Q2/2020, 351 MW installed, 42,229 MW in pipeline

India experienced one of the country’s lowest solar added capacity due to extended COVID-19 lockdown in the second quarter (Q2) of 2020. The country‘s solar addition capacity was only 351 MW, while 42,229 MW is in the pipeline. This issue becomes more important when you know that India is the third country in the world according to its cumulative added solar capacity. 

The rooftop solar section accounted for 40% or 140 MW and utility-scale installation 60% of the Q2 solar addition. According to PV-magazine, Capacity addition in the second quarter was significantly below the estimation due to extended lockdown and the consequent effect on the movement of people and goods. Construction activity picked up towards the end of the quarter, but labor shortage and restrictive work practices continued to affect the progress.

It is estimated that lifting of extended lockdown related to the COVID-19 pandemic and Lower equipment prices in the third and fourth quarter of the year can get back on the track solar addition of India.

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Source:@ PV-Magazine & @Solar_Edition
Photo: @Solar_Edition
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