Demolishing Chimneys of One of the World’s most Emissions-Intensive Coal Plants in Australia

The chimneys of one of the world’s most emission-intensive coal power plants demolished last Monday in Australia. The eight smokestacks of the Hazelwood coal-fired power plant were brought down, as part of the wider decommissioning and dismantling of what was one of the dirtiest power plants in the world and especially one of Australia’s most polluting power stations.

The eight smokestacks had stood at 137 meters tall and had been a feature of the Morwell landscape for more than five decades.

According to RenewEconomy, the Hazelwood power station had been responsible for around one-seventh of Victoria’s total greenhouse gas emissions alone, amounting to around 3% of Australia’s total emissions. Hazelwood had consistently been ranked as one of the world’s most emissions-intensive power stations, producing around 1.6 tonnes of CO2-e per megawatt-hour of electricity generation,  Prior to its closure.

It is worth mentioning that the Hazelwood plant was reliant on brown coal for fuel and was commissioned in 1964 by the Victorian government.


Source: @Solar_Edition

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