Distribution of Human Resources and Occupational Requirements Within the Solar Value Chain

In one of our recent posts, we mentioned one of the significant benefits with solar industry expansion, in countries without manufacturing facilities, is the job opportunities created in other sectors of the solar value chain. 

Opportunities such as Operating & Maintenance (O&M), Logistics, Procurement, Installation, and even safety experts. Now we would like to show, in general, what segments are involved in.

The solar industry’s value chain follows solar PV from production, all the way to decommissioning of the panels after their lifetime. Roughly speaking, it contains project planning, logistics, construction & installation (C&I), procurement and manufacturing (P&M), and O&M. The highest labor requirement segment in the solar chain value is O&M with 56%. After It is then followed by P&M with 22% and C&I with 17% are allotted larger portions than the other segments. As the last and the least point, the Lowest labor requirement segment is project planning or designer of the solar PV plant.


Source:@IRENA & @Solar_Edition



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