Energy Observer:The World’s First Racing Boat Powered By Mix Of Renewable Energies: Solar, Hydrogen, and Wind

The Energy Observer has been transformed into the world’s first hydrogen boat that was powered by a mix of renewable energies: solar, hydrogen, and wind, aiming for energy autonomy, with zero greenhouse gas emissions or fine particles. As 90% of trade worldwide is transported by sea, the decarbonization of maritime travel will contribute significantly to meeting climate targets. The Energy Observer features more than 27 m² of solar panels, which increase the total surface area to 168 m² for 28 kWp and charge the batteries used for producing hydrogen from seawater. Through a process of desalinization, purification, and electrolysis, carbon-free hydrogen is produced to supply the vessel’s electricity and heat requirements. ENGIE is a main partner of the project, supporting the Energy Observer in its 6-year trip around the world, making 101 stopovers in 50 countries, and discovering along the way communities that are designing and engineering the future and favoring innovative carbon-neutral solutions. After sailing in France in 2017, now in the Mediterranean and on to Northern Europe in 2019, Energy Observer aims to reach Tokyo in time for the Olympic Games in 2020. Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation has announced to leverage its expertise in hydrogen-powered energy to a much bigger project. Its European arm, Toyota Motor Europe has also partnered with Energy Observer, the world’s first hydrogen ship to travel worldwide. ------------***------------- Source:@SolarEdition Photo:@ENGIE @solarpowereu @energyobserver ……………………………… ‘All rights to go to the author of the news & image as mentioned above’ ----------------------------