European Commission Has Set out its Green Hydrogen Strategies by 2030 and beyond

European Union has unveiled the details of EU green hydrogen strategies by 2030 and beyond. These strategies include three time spans to meet the targets of the European Commission (EC). To do so, The EC appointed the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance to implement it.

According to TaiyangNews, the main features of this strategy are:

  • Between 2020 to 2024, it will support the installation of a minimum of 6 GW of renewable hydrogen electrolyzers in the European Union (EU) and the production of up to 1 million tons of renewable hydrogen.
  • Between 2025 to 2030, at least 40 GW of renewable hydrogen-powered electrolyzers should produce up to 10 million tons of renewable hydrogen
  • From 2030 onward, renewable hydrogen will be deployed at a large scale across all hard-to-decarbonize sectors through an investment of €24 billion to €42 billion in electrolyzers with 80 GW to 120 GW of solar and wind power capacity worth €220 billion to €340 billion.
  • The European Clean Energy Alliance is tasked with identifying and building up a clean pipeline of viable investment projects increasing these from 1.5 GW to 2.3 GW of new renewable hydrogen production projects that are currently either under construction or announced and an additional 22 GW of electrolyzer projects are envisaged.
  • Use of renewable hydrogen will be encouraged for end-users, mainly for 2 lead markets of industrial applications (ammonia, methanol production and partially for steel making) and mobility (local transport, aviation, heavy-duty road vehicles, maritime, inland waterways and short-sea shipping, hydrogen fuel-cell trains).
  • To encourage demand for renewable hydrogen, the commission suggests favorable policies such as fixing a minimum quota of renewable hydrogen or its derivatives in specific end-use sectors, ‘allowing demand to be driven in a targeted way’.

It is worth mentioning that these hydrogen projects will completely power up by 120 GW solar and wind power.

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