Facebook’s Data Center Landlord strikes deal to add solar power

Facebook’s data center Landlord strikes deal to add solar power

According to Renewable Energy World news, Facebook Inc. is boosting its clean-energy efforts with a deal to help run a Virginia data center where it leases space with solar power.

Digital Realty Trust Inc., which operates the facility, agreed to buy about 80 megawatts of solar capacity from a project that SunEnergy1 expects to complete in North Carolina later this year. The social-media giant will get all of the associated renewable-energy certificates from the project, according to a statement from Digital Realty.

The deal is the most recent example of how companies’ demand for clean power is driving innovative solutions for arranging it. Facebook is among the technology titans that are intent on powering all of their operations — including power-hungry data-centers — with solar and wind energy. While the company arranges renewable energy for its own facilities, doing so has been harder at colocation centers like the ones operated by Digital Realty. ——————–***——————–
‘All rights to go to the author of the news & image as mentioned above’
‘All rights go to the author of the news and image mentioned above’

Location: Virginia

Date: Feb 03, 2019 @ 09:49

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