Facts About Countries with Over 10GW Renewable Energy Capacity in 2019 Compared to 2009

The number of countries that have more than 10 GW renewable energy capacity showed a 168% growth during the latest decade if including hydropower while the growth is even higher only with solar and wind, 340%.

According to the recently released report of REN21, Renewable 2020:Global Status Report, by the end of 2019, at least 32 countries had more than 10 GW of renewable power capacity (including hydropower) in operation, up from 19 countries in 2009. The shift is even more impressive when excluding hydropower, as markets for both solar PV and wind power have grown dramatically in recent years. At least 17 countries had more than 10 GW of non-hydropower renewable capacity at the end of 2019, up from 5 countries in 2009.

It may be due to two reasons, the first is becoming more cost-competitiveness of solar and wind power compared to other renewables, and the other is governments turned to policies in favor of expanding renewable energies in the power sector instead of fossil fuels.  


Source:@ren21community & @Solar_Edition



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