First Module ever Made with M10 Wafer Size Standard, Launched by LONGi Solar

A short time after proposing M10 wafer size as the new standard for PV manufacturing, LONGi Solar has launched the first solar module with M10 wafer size.  The M10 wafer has a geometric size of 182 mm ╳ 182mm.

LONGi Solar teamed up with 6 other PV module manufacturers to achieve a consensus about producing PV modules with M10 wafer. 

Soon after the new standard was introduced on the news and journals, the company unveiled its newest product with M10 wafers. “Hi MO 5” series have special properties including 

  • Over 500W output power 
  • Gallium-doped to overcome light-induced degradation (LID
  • Built with brand new proposed industry-standard wafer size, M10

LONGi Solar is one of the members of the 500+ PV module producer club.  Other members of this club are Trina Solar with Vertex model, Jinko Solar with Tiger Pro, Risen Energy with RSM 100-6-500M model, and JA Solar with DeepBlue 3.0 model.

The Hi-MO 5 model comes in two primary configurations, 66 cells and 72 cells, with both offering monofacial and bifacial.



Photo: @Solar_Edition


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