First of a Kind in Floatovoltaic:Floating Solar Trampoline

In October 2018, a report from the World Bank Group and the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore stated that the worldwide capacity of floating solar had increased from 10 MW at the end of 2014 to 1.1 gigawatts (GW) by September 2018. The report went on to state that capacity could potentially reach 400 GW worldwide, although no time frame was provided.
Norway’s Statkraft, one of Europe’s largest producers of renewable energy, plans to build its first ever floating solar facility.
According to CleanTechnica news, A uniquely designed floating solar trampoline manufactured by Norwegian startup Ocean Sun has been purchased by Statkraft’s Albania unit for deployment at the Banja reservoir in Albania. The 2 MW array consists of four floating units of 0.5 MW each, at a total cost of €2.3 million.
Unlike other floating solar designs based on individual panel floats that are linked together, the Ocean Sun design attaches a large number of panels on the membrane as a modular unit, which typically includes a rigid circumference frame for anchoring.
The design of the Ocean Sun array includes dual-glass, silicon crystalline modules with customized junction box, cables, and attachment features. The modules are attached to the membrane using a unique fixation mechanism, the company explains. This enables good thermal contact with the water body, and the membrane is carefully designed to withstand mechanical stress and sun exposure, it adds. ——————–***——————–
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First of a Kind in Floatovoltaic:Floating Solar Trampoline

‘All rights go to the author of the news and image mentioned above’

Location: Albania

Date: Mar 13, 2019 @ 16:28

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