Floating Photovoltaic System Passed Successfully Storm Conditions Test

Floating Solar, a Netherland-based Solar PV company, is not the only company who its floating photovoltaic system passed the storm conditions test. Ocean Sea’s 17 kW FPV system, which was the first offshore floating solar farm in the Dutch North Sea, had also passed several winter storms including a harsh Ciara storm intact.

But the main advantage of Floating Solar’s FPV system is that it could survive winds gusts of about 144 km/hr experienced in 2018. This FPV system was installed at the Slufter, a depot for contaminated waste on the western edge of Rotterdam’s port area. It also passed the storm test prior to the Ocean Sea’s FPV system in the same country.

It is worth mentioning that Netherland is one of the leading countries in installing floating photovoltaic systems.

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Source: @ PV-Magazine & @Solar_Edition
Photo: @ FloatingSolar, & @Solar_Edition
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