Floating PV Cumulative Installed Capacity Reached Over 1 GW in mid 2018

Floating PV cumulative capacity globally reached over 1 GW in mid-2018 & since there is more and more news on new projects. But what are the motives behind this growth?

Well “land” is priceless, for either residential areas, farming or other valuable types of economical activites. On the other hand loss of power is relatively high in transfering power from remote areas to density populated areas, cities. Even if there is a land to spare, if the land is not on the top of hill or there are shading and obstacles, these all prevent solar panels from production at maximum power, the production wont be at peak.

Researchers & Industry are working daily on these issues and are working hard to develop solutions & innovative approaches that require less land or allows dual land-use. One of these is “Floating Photovoltaics” an innovation that could be a game changer for Solar Power.

What is Floating Photovoltaics (FPV) ?

Floating Solar PV is mounting solar panels on floating structures, producing energy on water beds. This innovative approach started by a 20 kw small project in Aichi, Japan and now is expanding all around the world and in mid-2018 reached 1 GW. Since there has been reports of new FPV projects all around the world especially Asia where Thailand alone has announced over 2 GW of solar FPV on the country’s water reservisors. 

The most recent innovation is also the opean ocean FPV projects which a Belgian and Dutch companies are following up.

Source: @Solar_Edition
Photo: @ieeeorg, @ Akuo Energy @ ocean sun & @Solar_Edition
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