Forget the 500 W+ Flagship PV Module, JA Solar has now Uncovered its 800 W PV Module

The news was so short, but enough to shock everyone, JA Solar 800 W PV Panel was unveiled as the most powerful PV module ever built. JA Solar has now uncovered its JumboBlue model with 800 W power output during SNEC 2020 exhibition. The company has brought together some state of the art high-efficient technologies to reach such a high level of module output. Implemented technologies in the JumboBlue model consist of n-type PERC cell design, ⅓ cut cells, M12 wafer size, and 11 busbars (multi busbar).

Up to now, PV module producers have usually utilized some of these high-efficient technologies to produce modules with output powers range between 500 to 600 W. But, JA Solar gathered all of these technologies in one single panel to commercialize this product.

This year’s Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNEC) in Shanghai, China, was a place for attracting much more attention. Besides, it gave momentum to the PV module producers to show off their achievements in high level of efficiency and output power for their flagship modules.

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Source:@ PV-Tech & @Solar_Edition

Photo: @Solar_Edition
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