France Needs to Add Minimum 2 GW Yearly to Meet its Goal For 2023

France has set a goal to achieve 18 to 21GW cumulative market size by 2023. But in reality, the country has spent flat years. If the country wants to meet the goal by 2023, it will need to minimally double its annual added capacity.

In other words, France should add 2 GW solar capacity in the worst-case annually. The current status of France in the solar energy sector is the following:

  • France was placed in the fourth rank among other European countries according to its annual added capacity. The country added 890 MW in 2019
  • The solar market size was 9.43 GW at the end of the year. This capacity provided 11.3 TWh electricity for the country.
  • The Share of solar electricity in the electricity mix was 2.5% that had negligible growth compared to 2018, 2.3%.





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