Frenchman to float across the Atlantic in a barrel

Solar Edition Instagram: Jean-Jacques Savin, a 71 year old Frenchman has set off across the Atlantic Ocean in a large orange barrel, hoping to float to the Caribbean by the end of March 2019. His speed would 2-3 kilometers an hour & location is tracked online, on FindMeSpot with frequent updates on Facebook page. The trip has been funded by sponsorships and a crowdfunding campaign. The solar panels on the barrel provide energy for GPS tracking and communications for him. *** Latest post from Facebook page, TESA : Traversée de l’Atlantique en Tonneau :
15th day – Thursday 10th January 2019:
Intense day: Very nice weather, no wind and the ocean equal to the Lacanau Lake
10 a.m.: I sit on the perch and I see behind me a boat on the horizon it’s a cargo ship …
11 a.m.: I heard a breath that I know very well, at 300 meters a huge whale that has surfaced 3 times and she reiterated her dance by my side after my swim in the late evening.
12 pm: I see a magnificent turtle of my age that comes to visit me and will remain 1 h to bump against the hull.

I have a new resident who underwater came to introduce himself, it is a fish of 25 cm type grouper. I called it “Thursday …”
In the afternoon, I took the opportunity to make some cleaning tasks and a laundry. I continue to write my logbook and read.
The wind rises and I go back to the North East braked by the anchor.
Starry night, the moon crescent grows and goes down slowly behind the horizon … The night will be sweet
GPS : 29.00199,-22.67047 ——————–***——————–
Source: CNN, FB page, Sail Universe

Frenchman to float across the Atlantic in a barrel

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