Future’s Getting Brighter for Solar Power, Thanks to New Combination of Absorbing Layers in a cell

As one of the trends in the solar cell producing technologies, tandem solar cells, has attracted tremendous attention during recent years. Researchers took a perovskite solar cell, a crystal structure that is designed to harvest higher energy photons, and layered it on top of a silicon solar cell. A silicon solar cell captures more photons in the infrared part of the spectrum. This part of the sunlight spectrum is made up of radiant energy that we cannot see, but we can feel it as heat. Tandem or multijunction Solar cells referred to solar cells that have made of several p-n junctions with different materials. The aim of this work is to harness more portion of the sunlight spectrum and to increase efficiency. The aforementioned tandem solar cell consisted of the perovskite on top of a silicon solar cell boosts the efficiency from 21% to 27%. 

Mixing two main trends in the solar panel technology segment makes solar power’s future brighter than before over the next decade. This will be more feasible because perovskite is cheaper and becoming commercial in the 2020s from one side. From another side, silicon is the predominant element for solar module manufacturing and also more abundant in the earth’s crust.



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