Futuristic Hydrogen-powered Zero-emission Aircrafts Revealed by Airbus

Airbus recently unveiled three futuristic, zero-emission hydrogen-powered aircrafts as a part of its ambitions to decarbonize the aviation industry. The designs of these three eco-friendly hydrogen-powered aircrafts include a “blended-wing body”, turboprop design, and turbofan design.

These Airbus designed concept aircrafts are named as ZEROe. In the following paragraphs we briefly introduced these three ZEROe designs.

Blended-wing Body Design

This model has the wings merge with the main body of the aircraft. It has two modified gas-turbine engines (hybrid turbofan engines) running on hydrogen. The liquid hydrogen will be stored and distributed via tanks located behind the rear pressure bulkhead, according to CNN. It would be capable of traveling more than 2,300 miles and is a 200-passenger aircraft.

Turboprop Design

A turboprop design can seat up to 100 passengers, and uses a turboprop engine instead of a turbofan and is also powered by hydrogen combustion in modified gas-turbine engines, which would be capable of traveling more than 1150 miles, making it a perfect option for short-haul trips, according to Airbus.

Turbofan Design

A turbofan design (120-200 passengers) has a range of 2300 miles, is capable of operating transcontinentally and is powered by a modified gas-turbine engine running on hydrogen, rather than jet fuel, through combustion.

It is worth mentioning that Airbus plans to put these three hydrogen-powered and zero-emission aircrafts into service by 2035.

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