Germany saw a huge increase in the solar sector despite the pandemic in 2020

Last year saw a solar energy boom in Germany. The rooftop solar installation saw an increase of 25% in 2020 compared to 2019. This was not just limited to rooftop solar, all other solar PV installations also saw an increase according to the German Solar Association (BSW).

BSW managing director Carsten Körnig in a conversation with pv magazine said that “Whether solar cells, solar storage or solar collectors — this year they were virtually torn out of the hands of our industry,”

2020 was a challenging yet successful year for Germany’s solar sector. Other sources didn’t grow as much as PV in the last year. So much that as of now that almost one in 10 kilowatt-hours consumed in Germany is produced from solar energy according to the BSW’s preliminary annual report.

Germany plans to double the solar power plant capacity by the end of the decade, but the energy and climate researchers are suggesting tripling the capacity to be sufficient.

Demand in the heating solar sector also increased by 25% after a period of decline. The federal office of economics saw the amounts of application for solar thermal in the first quarter of the year triple as compared to the same period last year. 

Körnig also said that “We expect the German government to significantly increase the climate targets and the pace of solarization before the German parliamentary elections, in agreement with the EU,” and “By shifting a few energy policy levers, the installation pace could be doubled in a timely manner and the dependence on subsidies reduced”.

He also added “There is an overwhelming willingness to invest among private consumers and in the business community, even under pandemic conditions,” Expansion in the solar sector in the near future needs to increase. It is better to be around 10 to 15 GW per year to reach the level raised by EU.

Recently the research firm YouGov on behalf of BSW have conducted a survey on 2,000 people. This survey shows that more than 75% people surveyed said climate policy could become very important (41 percent) or important (32 percent) for their own election decision from today’s perspective and effect their choice.

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