Germany’s Largest Solar Power Plant Commences operation by feeding power into Grid

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the largest solar power plant in Germany commenced operation by feeding its generated electricity to the power grid. This 187 MW solar power plant is built by power utility EnBW without any public subsidy.

According to EnBW, this solar park will be able to supply around 50,000 households with environmentally friendly energy through its annual yield of 180 million kilowatt-hours (180 GWh) of electricity, saving about 129,000 tonnes of CO2 each year.

The solar park also comprises of 465,000 PV modules which covers an area of about 164 hectares. This solar power plant is located almost 26 kilometers northeast of Berlin in Werneuchen, Brandenburg. It is estimated that the service life of this solar park is around 40 years.

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Source:@enbw_ag & @Solar_Edition
Photo:@enbw_ag & @Solar_Edition
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