Global Solar Installations until 2017, account for 2.2% of Global Waste in 2050

According to The World Count, 2.12 billion tons of waste were dumped in each year. This stunning amount of waste is partly because “99% of the stuff we buy is trashed within 6 months” !!!!!!!!! Moreover, on 20th September of 2018, the World Bank reported that global waste will grow by 70% by 2050 unless urgent actions are taken. In other words, the world’s produced waste would reach 3,6 billion tons in 2050 if nations took steps in line with the previous policies.

From one side, we know that the amount of raw materials needed for 1MW of Si-wafer based solar PV plant (SE 788), in which their solar panels usually have a 25-year warranty. Roughly speaking, suppose that if all the installed solar capacity had been in the form of  Si-based solar PV plants we “could estimate” the share of solar PV in the produced waste in 2050. As real facts that can confirm and authenticate our assumption, we have the global solar installed capacity that reached more than 400 GW in 2017.

Si-wafer based technology was  95% of the solar PV production in 2017, however, in the previous years, it has been allotted more portion to itself. Therefore, we can conclude that if the global produced waste reached 3.6 billion tons in 2050, solar PV-based wastes could account for more than 2.2% of it.

This is all calling for the fact that we should be ready for the day that Solar PV’s, which are 95% of the Solar Installations, would be a major waste issue globally, 2.2% of global waste. The breakdown up here is just an estimation of how it would effect us in 2050, but is not taking into consideration the separation of heavy metals and other materials which are harmful for the environment if not recycled properly.





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