Green Energy Future South Korea 2020, Conference

The Green Energy Future South Korea (GEFSK) 2020 will be held in Seoul, South Korea on May 13-14. Beyond a business platform, Green Energy Future South Korea is far more of a platform for sharing and learning. By then, full industry chain gathers together to discuss cutting edge projects, orderly planning roadmap and a brand-new renewable future of the flourish development of Solar & Wind & Energy Storage.

You can find the answers of how South Korea will successfully complete the “Renewable Energy 3020”; Where the advanced country will forge ahead; and What shining market highlights will to be further discovered.

Here, you will meet a total of 500+ high-level attendees, including governmental officers, utilities, developers, investors, financiers, solution providers, and learned experts, who devote themselves to Green Energy Future.

Host Country Overview:

South Korea, Asia’s fourth-largest economy, under the governmental strategy “RE 3020” set out by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOITE), renewables are targeted to generate 20% of South Korea electricity by 2030. That is, more than 95% of new capacity is Solar PV and Wind. Newly 30.8GW of Solar PV and 16.5 GW of wind capacity will be added by 2030. Beyond “RE 3020”, revised 2040 RE target will be of 30~35% RE in Power mix by 2040.
The Home Subsidy Program, the Building Subsidy Program and the Public Building Obligation Program also power the process. The market for Energy Storage will also increase by the expansion of the Solar PV and Wind market. South Korea is are poised for the long journey towards 100% RE.

Hence, clear, reliable and instructive insights are needed. Green Energy Future South Korea (GEFSK) 2020 is the time to discuss sustainable energy future.

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