Green Life Cycle of PV Products Is a Great Ambition For EU To Achieve Eco Friendly

Today’s PV production is limited to 4 steps:
1- Polysilicon, 2- Crystallization & Wafering, 3- Cells, and 4-Solar panels.
According to a report by the United Nations International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA):
“There will be 60 million tons of cumulative solar photovoltaic WASTE by 2050”. Typical reasons that a solar panel would end up recycling could be weather damage & finished life cycle, where the latter would come like a storm. In other words, a solar panel installed today would need to be replaced around 2044, or earlier if damaged. It’s unclear if we’ll be ready for it or not.
Generally, when discussing solar panels, only the cost up to the module is considered & costs for recycling usually are not yet regraded. In order to make PV production life greener, we must change our view on the cycle & add another essential step, “Rcycling”. As a result, at the end of the life cycle nearly 100 % of the parts of a solar panels will be made available for a new life cycle. Note that the cost for the recycling process must be considered at the beginning of the cycles.

‘All rights to go to the author of the news & image as mentioned above’

‘All rights go to the author of the news and image mentioned above’


Date: Oct 04, 2019 @ 09:20

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