Happy Earth Day 2020 from Solar Edition

Happy Earth Day to every single life form on this beautiful planet called Mother Earth. We celebrate today, while we are worried more than before. Not only because of man-made problems such as pollution of seas, air pollution, overpopulated areas, depleting non-renewable natural resources and deforestation, but this time also a deadly virus (COVID-19) added on top of them. We have lost loved ones, got isolated due to social distancing, but we are moving on as our race is not a type that gives up without a fight.

We are standing together, while social distancing, to fight this new challenge. We will win this, hopefully with minimum losses, but need to remember one thing that in a post-corona virus world, maybe it is time to look at the lessons learned from these tough times. 

How to get back to normal life without consuming the earth the way we did before Coronavirus put a stop to it? How did we stay efficient during these tough times and how can we change our norms to reduce our CO2 emission, while actively running our societies? 

These are some of the most relevant questions that we should ask.

Happy Earth Day 2020 …





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