Happy Environment Day, Let’s Fight for a Faster Shift to Green and Clean Energies

2020 has been a special year so far due to the COVID-19 and its social and economical side-effects. Many reports and articles underline in addition to the reduction of CO2 emission, due to less fossil fuel consumption so far. Although achieved by hefty human and economic suffering, this pandemic taught us new norms, among them productive home-office work style, digital meetings instead of a non-essential flight to have face-to-face meetings. These are such effective norms that save money and the environment as well as expedite digitalization.

On the other hand, the climate change crisis should not be deprioritized in 2020. Referring to Article 4 paragraph 2 and 9 of Paris agreement, countries shall communicate their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) every five year. 2020 is the year to submit the update round of countries NDC. We, all human beings including younger generations, are looking forward to hearing the continuous implementation of tangible constructive measures by governments.

Today, we celebrate World Environmental Day and highlight that if human beings and politicians have and should react promptly to the COVID-19 outbreak, they can and shall react to climate change crisis constantly and seriously.





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