Historical Low Price for Qatar First Large-scale Solar Power Plant, 15.69 cents per kWh

In a historic contract, electricity is purchased for 15.69 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) by Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation.  The contract is a 25-year contract to purchase 800 MW of solar PV generated power. 

The project was won by a consortium of Total  (49 percent) and Japan’s Marubeni (51 percent) as the result of Qatar’s first solar tender. The project represents an investment of around $500 million.

This is the lowest price bid recorded for solar electricity up to now. That is beating last year’s low price milestones in Portugal, which was 16.44 cents per kWh, and 16.953 cents per kWh in Dubai.

The Al Kharsaah plant will be constructed on over 1000 hectares of land and equipped with 2 million bifacial solar modules along with trackers. Thus, it supplies affordable and sustainable green energy to industries, services, and individuals in the region. The plant will represent around 10% of the electricity peak demand of the country and will reduce the CO2 emissions of Qatar by 26 million tons during the life of the project, according to RenewableEnergyMagazine.

The first phase of the plant starts to operate with 350 MW initial capacity from 2021 and will be completed with its full capacity in 2022.


Source:@Forbes & @Solar_Edition

Photo: @NREL & @Solar_Edition


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