How Inverters & Trackers Manage Higher Power per String and Achieve Lower LCOE

PV-Tech, as one of the pioneer PV-related media, has launched a series of webinars to highlight new innovations and technologies for the global PV sector. Named as the TechTalk webinar, this new series investigates how inverters and trackers manage higher power output per string (an array of solar panels) and achieve the LCOE reduction goal.

In these series of webinars, major ‘Solar Module Super League’ supplier Trina Solar is teaming up with experts from leading inverter manufacturer Sungrow and independent energy advisory and certification body DNV GL, to provide a technically driven session to explain in detail how inverter and tracker design is adapting to integrate higher currents to reduce the number of strings required and, in so doing, to allow ongoing CAPEX and LCOE reductions.

It is worth mentioning that this webinar will be held by PV-tech on Tuesday, November 17th, 2020 – at 6:30 PM. You can click here, for registration.

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