New Entry to the European PV Manufacturing: n-type Mono IBC ‘ZEBRA’ panel

PV-Tech, as one of the leading sites in the solar energy sector, has launched a series of webinars to highlight new innovations and technologies for the global PV sector. They have called them the TechTalk Webinar series. In a new series of them, they have set out to start a conversation on one of the newborn technologies which has been realized by FuturaSun.

European cell technology developer,  FuturaSun, has launched the manufacturing of  IBC ZEBRA panels to provide a new level of performance and reliability at a cost-competitive level that the European PV installation community has long been waiting for. The ZEBRA back-contact technology or ZEBRA IBC technology has advantages including better energy performance, lower requirement for maintenance, and bringing better aesthetic design for rooftop solar installation. 

According to PV-Tech, this TechTalk Product Series webinar is designed to help gain insight into the high-end characteristics of the ZEBRA series, which directly translate into superior performance and reliability with the required warranty assurances, unlike some other solar panels that can suffer from PID, LID and LeTID phenomena.

It is worth mentioning that this webinar will be held by PV-tech on Thursday, November 19th, 2020 – 5:30 PM. You can click here, for registration.

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Source:@ PV-Tech & @Solar_Edition
Photo: @ PV-Tech & @Solar_Edition
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