Hybrid Plant Supplies More Than 80% of Electricity Demand of Humanitarian Hub in South Sudan

A solar plus storage system has met a large portion of the electricity demand in the humanitarian hub in Malakal South Sudan. 

The solar system features a 700 kWp solar PV system and a 1,368 kWh battery storage system. The system also connected to pre-existing diesel generators onsite. Thanks to the solar installation, 80% of the electricity demand of the hub is covered. The hub had been using around 800 liters of diesel every day.

The main features of solar power as a renewable energy source are its easy installation and off-grid operation. In other words, it can be met the people demand to electricity in places where they have not accessed to sustainable and reliable electricity.

It is worth mentioning that Scatec Solar firm has installed this hybrid plant.


Source: @Solar_Edition

Photo: @Solar_Edition


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