Hybrid PV Solutions = More Profit to Business Owners Less, CO2 Produced, Dual-Land Utilization

Hybrid Solar PV is a solution to many problems a business owner could have. High electricity price? High land price? Low Return of Investment? Hybrid Solar + Your business could be the answer, says Fraunhofer ISE.

Fraunhofer ISE has started a collabration project in south east Asia, or more specifically in Vietnam to work on the concept of “Aqua-PV”. The project name is called “SHRIMPS”, trying to combine “Aquaculture” and “Photovoltaics”, one of the newest atttempts for a new market for Hybrid Solar PV Solutions.

According to the German research institute, as with most Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam is also experiencing rapid economic and population growth. Together with that, naturally the energy demand is ramping up by 10% per year. This is accompanied by the known high competition for land use. There a Hybrid Solar PV solution could be of use.

“With the project “SHRIMPS” (Solar-Aquaculture Habitats as Resource-Efficient and Integrated Multilayer Production Systems), the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE and its partners want to demonstrate that dual land use for aquaculture and photovoltaics can solve these systemic problems. Pilot plants are being installed and tested along the Mekong’s upper basin and in the Mekong Delta” states Fraunhofer ISE on their website. 

The institute had already done a pre-feasibility study on potentials for hybrid shrimp farming with photovoltaics solutions in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta in 2018 on behalf of GIZ, a German service provider in the field of international cooperation. Now it is the time to for the technical tests and commercial feasibility of “dual land use” for solar energy generation and commercial aquaculture on a shrimp farm run by Vietnam’s national market leader Viet Uc Seafood.

For more information on this Hybrid Solar PV, “Project SHRIMPS“, visit Fraunhofer ISE website.

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