IBC Is Another Kind of Cell-Tech That its Contacts Are on the Rear Side

Interdigitated Back Contact (IBC) is one of the most complicated ways to produce solar panels. However, due to its effect on increasing the “efficiency” of the modules, it reduces the final product price and therefore, it has recently become popular. The product is still in the R&D phase and on the way to the market. 

IBC as the name suggests places the contacts in the rear side of the cell instead of the front side. This allows it to have higher efficiency due to a decrease in shading on the front side of the cell. These all result in an increase of the absorption capacity of IBC solar cells. 

In addition, solar panels produced by IBC technology, inactive areas, the spaces between cells, have diminished to near zero increasing the cell-to-module (CTM) ratio.

IBC solar panels are highly-efficient with high power output. The power output of a module is the sum of the powers of all the individual cells in the module multiplied by the CTM ratio. IBC is highly valued in areas where higher current values are needed and the land is priceless such as big cities. 





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