Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Solar Energy Outlook in the Year 2020

Coronavirus has had a huge impact on all aspects of our lives including personal and social life with more than 1 billion people confined to their homes now, it has also affected the solar energy sector.

PV manufacture was being halted in early February in China because of the virus, and just now it is starting to become more stabilized in China “Capacity utilization across the supply chain rose to 80% in March, gradually stabilizing the supply of modules,” says PV InfoLink Chief Analyst Corrine Lin.“However, the continued spread of coronavirus threatens an economic crisis and the impacts are rippling through the manufacturing sector and out to global demand in March through April.”

They also added “For now, Chinese demand is predicted to fall slightly lower than 40 GW this year.”

Although the manufacturing of solar is starting to become normal and only small changes in wafer or cell prices, the effects of coronavirus on end markets such as the US and Europe is only beginning to show.

Regarding the situation with COVID-19, or Coronavirus, please stay safe by following World Health Organizations and local authorities. 


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