In The Solar Industry, it will be employed More Than 4 times Workforce during 2018-2050

In our recent post, we represented in detail the number of employments in each part of renewable energies. We expressed that in 2017, workforces in the solar industry accounted for 40.8% of 10.3 million staff in renewables. In 2018, the amount reached 4.3 million people worldwide according to IRENA report. It also estimated that this amount will increase as much as 4 times from 2018 to 2050 and reach 18.7 million in the middle of the century.

The governments need to prioritize renewable energy development as a real game-changer in order to meet their targets which have undertaken according to the Paris Agreement as well as create more employment opportunities. In this way, they can meet the higher energy and job opportunity demands and in the future.


Source of Information:@IRENA & @Solar_Edition



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