India Wants to Build the Largest Floating Photovoltaic (FPV) project in the World

The Indian government aims at building the world’s largest floating photovoltaic (FPV) project in the Khandwa district. On completion of the project by 2022-2023, It would be named the largest FPV project in the world and will surpass the 150 MW floating solar plant in Anhui, China, which is the current largest FPV project in the world.

This 600 MW FPV project will be built on an area of 2000 hectares on a reservoir formed by the Omkareshwar dam across the Narmada river. Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company, as the state’s power distribution company, will buy the power generated by 400 MW of the site’s capacity, according to PV-Magazine. This solar project will require an estimated INR3,000 crore ($409 million) investment. Floating PV projects is one of the newer trends of Solar Energy and there is a neck to neck comptetion for deploying largest floating PV projects.

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Source: @ pv-magazine & @Solar_Edition
Photo: @Solar_Edition
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